What are we ? Discover the only existing Minecraft Sci-Fi MMO-RPG server !

Mobs and dangers

In this universe you will have to fight for your life against drones, humans and other evil entities.

Weapons and equipement

You will get new equipements, new weapons with unique playstyle each and attachments to make them fits your style the best.

Unique movements

You are in space, moving is different and in a 3 dimensionnal space. You will learn how to use 3 new movement mechanics

Your playground Discover a custom map of more than 2500x4000 blocks.

The universe is alive and filled with friends, ennemies and numerous activites!

Want to see the real map more precisely ?
check the map


Play more than 50 uniques quests with very differents characters !
Manage your oxygen in the void of space and upgrade your survival abilities !
Choose a specialisation and use unique offensive and defensive upgradable abilities!


How to play :

  1. Launch Minecraft 1.12.2+
  2. Go in mutliplayer section and add a new server
  3. Type the IP :
  4. In options be sure to have server resourcepack activated
  5. Connect and join us !